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Act One


Jeff (a young mechanic) and Alison (a young hairdresser) have been going out together for sometime. They are both in love with one another but don’t quite know it – therefore haven’t told each other how they really feel.


The show begins with Alison arriving at her salon to find a “goodbye” note from Jeff. He has never had these feelings before and is apprehensive. Alison is shattered to be told their relationship is over plus the fact he didn’t have the courage to see her face to face and talk about it.


After speaking to his mates Jeff realizes he must see Alison and apologize for his foolish actions and admit his real feelings for her. Meanwhile Alison has decided she wants to be a star, and very conveniently Phil Wonderland (a supposed music agent) convinces her he has what it takes to make her famous.


Seeing them together, Jeff believes Alison is no longer interested in him. In desperation, he gets advice from Alison’s mentor Nadine (a fortune teller) who tells him to “learn to dance” and he will win back Alison.


Meanwhile Alison is given an ultimatum by her landlord for being behind in her rent. Alison takes the earnings from the week, plus a bit more from her friends, and bets it all on a horse race. Phil Wonderland knows “the bookmaker” and gets her to place the bet with him. On winning Alison goes to collect only to find the bookie has fled with the cash.



Act Two

Jeff decides to drown his sorrows at the Tropicana Bar where he is befriended by Jane (a night club singer). He sees Phil and the bookie throwing money around and gets Jane to spy on them. As compensation for “sticking her neck out” Jane gets Jeff to partner her at the dance competition the following night at The Turntable disco. Time is tight as Jane has only one day to teach Jeff to dance. 


Meanwhile Alison is also informed of the big money up for grabs at the Disco and sees it as a last resort to resolve her financial problems. Not knowing Phil has all her money she asks him to partner her at the competition.


Just as Alison goes on stage it is revealed that Nadine’s “long lost little girl” is in fact Alison. During the dance everyone must wear face masks therefore not knowing who the other competitors are. Jeff and Alison end up dancing with each other for a dramatic conclusion. The judges decided to award them the first prize.


When the masks come off Jeff and Alison have to reconcile – with Jeff finally getting his chance to share his real feelings with Alison.

"I can safely say ALISON is a hit"
Paul Curtis - Ponsonby Intermediate, New Zealand
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