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A Perfect World appeals to the baby boomers because it’s set in the 60s and instantly locates itself amongst the iconic people and images of the baby boomer’s early years. It evokes teen memories of growing up with such celebrities as Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley. 


It appeals also to teenagers and young adults who are the grandchildren of the baby-boomers, because of the big name stars in the lead roles, the romance aspects of the story and the central theme of struggling to find both oneself and love. The Beatles, Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck remain iconic figures even to this generation. 


These are poignant themes for the teenage/young adult audience, reflecting their trials and tribulations around social inclusion and exclusion, their standing amongst their peers, the push and pull between being an adult and a child, between independence and reliance on their parents. Also the degree to which one needs to suppress one’s true feelings to fit in with the crowd, sex and the price of going too far or not far enough, and the ultimate question of seeking and finding love – will I or won’t I? 


Enhancing the appeal is that the story is liberally interspersed with many songs which have a deep longing and driving rhythm which will appeal to adolescents. To hear these, click here: 


Lastly, as an on-stage musical, it has been enthusiastically performed by teenagers and watched by parents & grandparents the world over, suggesting it's a universal story that sits squarely in the family film category. See for the musical’s website.






The movie contains 16 original pop songs with a 60s feel that celebrate life and are danceable while a few others are more reflective, intimate ballads. As a musical movie, it combines reality with fantasy, sitting somewhere on the spectrum between Once (2006), Across the Universe (2007) and Moulin Rouge (2001). The dance competition scene potentially has shades of Strictly Ballroom (1992). 


We imagine it being shot in a way in which the audience goes on a roller coaster ride – it’s fun, but there’s an intimacy in the dialogue that pulls heartstrings. The fantasy scenes allow the musical to move out into the world with huge artistic expression, showing the many icons of the era that bring an expansive, magical, fantastical and quirky feel to the audience experience. 

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